our values

In 2005, after working for restaurant groups in Boston and Chicago, founders Joe and John Lanni, set out on their own. Currito was born and quickly began to grow to 12 locations by 2011. Now with more than double that number and locations in 6 different states, Currito is the most far-reaching of the Lanni brothers’ concepts. They currently operate Thunderdome Restaurant Group, which includes Currito, Bakersfield, The Eagle, Krueger’s Tavern, SoHi, and Maplewood.

core values


make a meaningful, memorable connection with our guests every single day.


Source the best ingredients we can—food from farms, not factories. stay true to you, while cultivating a team environment.


make an impact to the team, and positively impact the communities we inhabit.


define the industry standard in the actions we take, and the decisions we make.

our food

locally sourced

We shop close to home — we do our very best to source as much local produce from local farmers as soon as they can grow it. We are continuing to strive to add more local items on our menu.

Antibiotic Free Chicken

Our chicken is sourced from farms that make a conscious effort to raise animals humanely without antibiotics or chemicals. This responsible raising technique provides a high-quality product for us to prepare for our guests.

Chef Driven

Every single day our culinary development team is working to create the freshest, boldest new flavors for you. Sourcing the very best ingredients is critical to our mission, and when we can source local produce, it not only tastes fresher, but it helps the community around us. You can be sure every time you visit a Currito you are getting ingredients and recipes that have been thoroughly tested.